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Coach Karen Pasco

Professional Figure Skating Instructor & Choreographer

Coach Karen Pasco

Figure skating is a wonderful sport that can breed self-confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, good health, lifelong friendships and brings much enjoyment & fulfillment!







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About Karen Pasco

My coaching philosophy is to inspire in all my skaters a passion and enthusiasm for figure skating. Through a fun, consistent, positive, and encouraging approach, I strive to provide my services to the best of my ability, at all times, in order that my students can experience and reach their personal best.

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Coaching Career  Achievements

2006 Las Vegas, NV - Student won the Tai Babilonia Award for best Interpretive

2006 Phoenix, AZ - Students won the Dever Award for best Duet

2007 San Diego, CA - Student won the William O. Smythe Award for best Artistic Program

2012 Peoria, AZ - Student was a SWP Regional Preliminary Champion

2013 Ontario, CA - Student was a SWP Regional Pre-Preliminary Champion

2014 Culver City, CA - Student was National Showcase Medalist

2014 Student won SCP Sportsmanship of the Year Award

2014 Received the Skating Club of Phoenix Coaches Recognition Award

2015 Peoria, AZ - Students won Jim Deese Award for best Group Performance

2016 Peoria, AZ - Student won the Jr. Board Award for most outstanding Basic Skills Performance

2016 Peoria, AZ - Students won Jim Deese Award for best Group Performance

Mission Statement

My mission is to promote the sport of figure skating by assisting individuals in achieving their maximum potential in terms of skill and competence on the ice. To succeed in this effort, I will coach with vigor and enthusiasm, providing knowledgeable instruction and discipline in a constructive manner that ensures an enjoyable educational experience and endows the skater with physical and emotional benefits for a lifetime.

Ongoing education in the sport of skating is a must to constantly improve my skills as a coach and instructor, as is the ability to rise above personal pride and politics to ensure that the skaters' interests and needs always come first. My success is measured by the success of my students as they progress through the sport, and more importantly by the joy and satisfaction they discover through figure skating.

The Right Focus

One key aspect of my coaching style is that I value every athlete equally, no matter his or her age, ability, experience, or level of financial investment. Even when my students have to  compete against one another, I strive to support each of them equally. Moreover, I encourage them to support one another as well. Working together is one way we can all be more successful.