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Coach Karen Pasco

Professional Figure Skating Instructor & Choreographer

Coach Karen Pasco

Figure skating is a wonderful sport that can breed self-confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, good health, lifelong friendships and brings much enjoyment & fulfillment!







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Competition Fees
Professional Fees

Policies & Fees

*Scheduling lessons indicates your acceptance of all policies, procedures & fees.

Cancellation Policy

If you will be unable to make any scheduled lesson, that lesson must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson by text, email, or voice message. Whenever possible, please provide more notice as this permits me to fill the time with another student or reschedule and compact my schedule.

Failure to cancel any scheduled lesson will result in a charge for the missed lesson regardless of the reason for the absence or late cancellation. Furthermore, frequent cancellations or absences will result in a loss of preferred time.

You may make up the lesson for no additional cost within 7 days of the missed lesson if an available time slot is open, but payment for the missed lesson will be expected regardless. Additionally, any regularly scheduled lessons throughout the remainder of the week cannot be used as makeup lessons; all standing lessons must be held in order for the makeup lesson to be scheduled.

About Payments

Payment for all private lessons must be rendered to me via cash, check or electronic payment prior to, the day of service rendered or by the end of the calendar week.

All fees must be paid within two weeks of the lesson date or invoice date.  Failure to pay within that time period will result no lessons until payments are made.  If checks bounce, you will be required to pay any related fees involved and future payments will be required in cash until further notice.

Additional Information:

As an independent contractor, fees or commissions are paid to facilities where lessons are taught. Unlike the employees, I receive no benefits—insurance (health, disability, or liability), sick pay, or vacation.

There will be a consultation with Coach Karen and the student in the planning of the session. For all performances, the final say in music selection, costume, the event & level will be by Coach Karen Pasco. Dress design will be discussed before any purchases of dresses or material.  For certain performances, store-bought outfits are appropriate; for others, custom apparel is required. 

Costume & Music Selection

Skater Etiquette

Students are expected to be ready for their scheduled lesson. This includes being properly dressed, warmed up, stretched and ready to skate. This way you get the most out of your lesson time.

Students are to exhibit courteous behavior at ALL times. That includes all those on the ice as well as

off the ice, whether on a lesson or not. Full attention and a positive attitude make your lesson and skating time productive and fun!

Skating Attire

Attire is important! Form fitting and stretchy are two very important things to consider as you pick

your skating clothes. Your attire makes it easier for me to see what your body is actually doing

and it makes moving easier for you!

Hair, unless cut short, should be pulled securely out of the face in a ponytail or bun.

You can't skate if you can't see!

30 minutes  $40.00

20 minutes  $25.50

15 minutes  $20.00

A standard lesson is 1/2 hour. Some younger children

(5 & under) do better with 15 minutes. Longer than a

1/2 hour lesson is available depending on schedule.

Discounted Rates are given for 3 or more lessons/week.

Basic Skills                        $30

All Other Levels                $38

Team Events                     $60

(Price is per event)

The skater(s) is responsible for the coach’s expenses occurred by the competition like travel, accommodations, parking, food, etc. An invoice for each skater will be prepared and distributed after the competition. For multiple skaters at a competition, the expenses are equally shared among them, regardless of the number of events each skater is doing.

Practice Ice fees are divided by the number of students on the session.

Basic Skills                         $30

FS 1 - Preliminary              $35

Pre-Juv.enile & Juvenile  $40

Intermediate                        $45

Novice - Senior                  $50

The fee includes music research, selection, digitally edited music, 2 Cds (1 Mini Disc and 1 Large CD), both with Labels and Cases.

Replacement CDs are $5

Music USB $10

Test Fee                           $35

Exhibition Fee                $35

Goal Books                     $15

Goal Setting Meeting   $40 (lesson fee)

Dress Design                 $35 & up (Free for private students)

Crystal Application       $15/gross + cost of crystals

Other services include:

- Website Design

- Logo/Graphic Design

- Figure Skating Paintings & Artwork

*Pricing given after a consultation

Other Fees

*Sessions Not Included

Rates are for private lessons only and do not include the cost of freestyle, public, or Coffee Club  sessions. Sessions passes or tickets must be purchased through the arena box office, while lesson payments, competition expenses, test fees, and event fees are payable directly to Coach Karen Pasco.